Client's Story

XTERRA Wetsuits is the world’s largest triathlon wetsuits company and is located in San Diego, CA. XTERRA Wetsuits stopped doing PPC for 2 years (since 2014). We were tasked with taking on all of their paid media advertising for all search engines and social media, including re-targeting, and optimizing their YouTube channel.

  • CLIENT:  XTERRA Wetsuits
  • DATA STARTED:  Feb 02, 2016
  • CATEGORY:  Paid Media Advertising
  • CHANNELS:  Google AdWords, Bing, YouTube, Facebook Ads

Campaign Improvements & Results

We took on the project and in just 3 months they started experiencing a consistent 500% – 600% ROI each month. Their overall sales as a company increased by 23.8% each month from our PPC campaigns.

Towards the end of our project in working with XTERRA, we increased their ROI to 1,000% (per every $1 invested they would gross $10). At the end of 2016 we invested $41,562.93 and grossed $207,408.83 in revenue just from our OnRanker PPC campaign.

ROI 499% | Traffic Increase 10% | Sales Increase 23.8% | MER of $6 to $1

Google AdWords Screenshot

Google AdWords Campaign Screenshot