Client's Story

US Tax Shield is the largest tax attorney law firm in the United States. They were looking to expand their brand using paid per click methods and to develop a better sales funnel tracking method. The client would experience a large number of leads and needed help tracking the sales funnel from click to client. We helped the client to develop a sales funnel tracking method that allowed the client to track a prospect from being a click to becoming a client. We also developed a method for tracking television and radio commercials as well.

  • CLIENT:  US Tax Shield
  • DATA STARTED:  Dec 02, 2014
  • CATEGORY:  Paid Media Advertising
  • CHANNELS:  Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook Ads

Campaign Improvements & Results

When we initially started working for US Tax Shield on this project with Matrix Apps, US Tax Shield had a original CPA of of $400 – $500 per lead! When OnRanker took on the project within 30 days we were able to reduce there CPA to $165.27. We increased thier conversions by 15%. Their PPC campaign prior had an average ROI of 100% or less, after OnRanker campaign was on board their PPC campaign experienced an average monthly ROI of 300% and some months were even higher.

Leads Increased 40% | Conversion Increased 15% | CPA Decreased 50% | Digital Market Share Increased 32%

US Tax Shield Testimonial

OnRanker are amazingly effective Marketing Consultants. They have in depth knowledge of how to utilize search engine marketing to increase traffic and lead generation for clients. As a result, they work with an impressive roster of clients. I thoroughly enjoy working with OnRanker for two reasons. They understand integrated marketing as I do, and they are patient, supportive and kind. They are a first-class Marketing Consulting firm, one you will want to remember!!” – Sean | Project Manager & Programmer