Client's Story

Glo Minerals came to us in the year of 2016 looking for additional assistance in their paid media marketing campaign to work alongside their marketing manager. We’ve been with Glo for almost 3 years now with different marketing managers. Our main task has been conversion optimization, CPA optimization and display brand expansion.

  • CLIENT:  Glo Minerals
  • DATA STARTED:  Mar 02, 2016
  • CATEGORY:  Paid Media Advertising
  • CHANNELS:  Google AdWords & Bing

Campaign Improvements & Results

We took on the project and at the initial stages of working with Glo Minerals they were are at an ROI of 500 to 600 percent average each month. When OnRanker took over their PPC marketing, their ROI increased to 900% on average each month and sometimes higher. Their company as a whole experienced a sales increase of 20.3% and per every $1 they invested without newly optimized campaigns, Glo received $10 back. On average, we invested $9,643 and grossed $93,746.87.

ROI 972% | CTR Increase 7.6% | Sales Increase 20.3% | MER $10 to $1

Google Analytics AdWords Screenshot

Google Analytics AdWords Screenshot 2

Glo Minerals Testimonial

“You were a pleasure to work with during my time working at Glo Minerals and helped improve our paid media efforts. Thank you for your time and patience.” – Jordan Levy | Glo Minerals

“I have very much enjoyed working with you, Jordan, and appreciated the dedication and hard work you’ve devoted to our Adwords account throughout the time you’ve worked with Glo.” – Stephanie Stone | Glo Minerals