Client's Story

Express Passport is one of only five passport agencies able to process passports on behalf of the U.S. Department of State. The company was suffering loses in their PPC and found OnRanker as a management company.  Prior to working with us, Express Passport’s average CPA was $110 and within one month they were able to experience major changes in increased sales.

  • CLIENT:  Express Passport
  • DATA STARTED:  Mar 02, 2015
  • CATEGORY:  Paid Media Advertising
  • CHANNELS:  Google AdWords & Bing

Campaign Improvements & Results

We averaged $41,192 in cost per month and grossed $128,624 with an ROI of 312.25%. We experienced a conversion 38.4% increase in overall campaign conversion in comparison to last year. Every month we would experience a decrease of $10 in our CPA. We were able to bring their CPA down from $120 on average to $60 on average each month. This represented a savings of nearly 50% on each customer acquired! Further, we were able to increase Express Passport’s monthly revenue from paid advertising by over 41%.

ROI 312.25% | Click Increase 48% | Revenue Increase 24.2% | CPA Decreased 50% | PPC Cost Decreased 27%