The Internet is the first place most customers go when looking for a service or merchandise. To get your company’s name to the top of most search engines, you must learn to utilize SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of using keywords, tags, and phrases that will pull your website from the cacophony and chaos to the top of the search so that customers will click on your website rather than your competitors. To do this, your SEO process must use Meta Tags, Targeted keywords and phrases, and Broad keywords and phrases.

Getting Your Site Found With SEO

When using the Meta Tag in your HTML code, you are placing important words and phrases that will be keyed in on by the search engines. The tags should reflect the theme and intent of your company, and they should be used within a natural context in the content of your website. You can also use tags in your headings, which should be short phrases that give a summary of what follows. Another place tags can be helpful is in your Anchor text (or links).   Links can lead customers to more information on another page on your site or even off-site, and the tags in these links are utilized by search engines as well.

Targeted keywords are specific and directly related to your content, they put a fine point on exactly what your company does, sells, or offers on your website. Targeted keywords and phrases can result in fewer matches in a search, but they result in a more direct match with what the customer was searching for, thus they help the customer who knows exactly what he is searching for. They will cause your website to be very high in searches for directly connected words or phrases, but very low in indirectly connected ones.

Broad keywords accomplish the opposite of targeted keywords. They paint with a broad brush the services or merchandise available from your company.   Broad keywords do result in more matches, but they are lower in searches and the matches are less directly related to your keywords. They can be helpful to those customers who don’t know exactly what they are looking for and need guidance and more information.

One thing to keep in mind is that Keyword Stuffing, the practice of putting many words and phrases, even those that do not relate to your website, in your tags and on your page just to get views, is very unpopular with search engines and can cause your website to be penalized in the search. It is much better for your keywords to be directly related to your website and company.

How Can A Marketing Company Assist Me With SEO Marketing?

As you can see, SEO is a complicated and highly specialized area. A marketing company can be helpful for this type of advertising, since they have experience with many different companies. They also have the ability to research what keywords will drive traffic to one site over another, what keywords will bring customers who are ready to buy over buyers who just want to look, and what keywords will make customers more likely to choose your service over another. Since SEO is a vital part of successful websites, a marketing company can make the most of it with less time and hassle for you.

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