Newzip is a Real Estate company based out of Los Angeles, CA that provides consumes who are looking to sell their home with immediate home estimates. Newzip works with over 100 hundreds realtors around the United States to bring them home seller leads. OnRanker functions as their main source of Facebook Ad & Google AdWords optimization for their lead generation efforts.

Bring in local home seller leads to Newzip Realtors through Facebook advertising and automate lead nurturing.
Facebook & Google Ad Costs: $11,250
New Buyer Leads: 5,625
# of deals closed in 1 months time frame
Average closing rate 20% = 1,125 deals closed

Proof of Results

Client Video Referral & Testimonial

The video testimonial and referral provided by the client was created in order to allows potential clients to confirm that we’ve performed the results OnRanker  is stating. It is important to  us that all of our potential clients  have the ability to do their due diligence before working with us and our video referrals allows you to do so

It also allows our clients to have the comfort of working with us without having to verify every other day to potential clients that they are working with OnRanker and we are delivering the results we say we are. This allows clients to work with us and not have to give referrals continuously for us.

Facebook Ad Screen Shot

The Facebook screenshot  is a screen shot of our Facebook advertising account during the time of running an ads for the client. We typically use an entity that we created in order to generate the leads. This allows us to BETA test the Facebook Ad Sets in order to see which audience is converting the best.

After running a BETA test to see which audience is working the best we scale that Facebook Ad Set until it reaches the desired amount of leads the client requested at their set budget.

Client Video Referral | Kenji Tarumoto |Newzip

Facebook Ad Screen Shot

The Ads We Used

Ad Types
To get new clients, we came up with an incentivizing offer to promote to potential buyers with our Facebook Ad. We found that using either video ads our using images that have strong facial expressions typically convert into a lead the best.

For this campaign we used the appeal of saving money. We have found that with ad appealing to saving money while at the same time convincing the prospect that they are having a secret kept from them allows us to convert the video view or impression into  a lead.

Guaranteed Correct Information

In order for them to receive that free list of homes, they will be required to provide their contact information including:

NOTE: Facebook is smart!
They already know most of this information, so they will automatically populate the fields. All your lead has to do is click Submit!

Facebook Ad

Automatic Notifications

First, our system will automatically send your new lead the list of homes they just opted in to receive.

Next, we will set up so you receive INSTANT email and/or text message notifications containing all your leads info, so you can follow up with them as quickly as possible.

We Set Automated Lead Nurturing

Since you’ll be getting multiple leads every single day, it’s important to be able to easily keep track of them and follow up with them.

We can set up loads of automations that nurture your leads, and keep them engaged to YOU as their new realtor.

Some Examples of What We Could Do

  • IF a lead CLICKS a link more than 3 times in a certain email, automatically remind YOU to Follow Up with them via Phone
  • IF a lead OPENS an email more than 5 times, automatically send them an email asking if they would like to setup a meeting with the client.
  • IF a lead DOESN’T respond to their email within 5 days, automatically send them a TEXT MESSAGE as a follow
  • IF a lead REPLIES to your email which asked them what type of property they are looking for (eg. 3 bedroom, 2 bath) automatically reply back in 15 minutes thanking them and letting them know you will adjust their search criteria.

We Provide an Awesome CRM

We integrate everything with our CRM of choice called ActiveCampaign, which will allow us to do all the lead nurturing mentioned earlier, allow you to track, send, and receive emails directly from the CRM, and also allow you to view ALL the activity going on with a certain lead.